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Astro Quip

                                                                        Mobility Aids Range

      Elbow Crutches              Solid Crutches                 Elbow Crutches                Gutter Crutch
    Natural - Standard         Standard - 1200 mm                    Solid Top
                              Heavy Duty - 1200 mm

      Sizes Available:           Sizes Available:             Sizes Available:             Available in Natural and
      Adult, Youth, Paediatric   One Standard Size 1200 m     Adult                        Blue
      Single or Double Punch     Single or Double Punch       Single Punch                 Forearm padded with
      Extension available 55 cm  Available in Natural and     Available in Aqua, Blue,     Velcro strap Adjustable
                                 Various colours              Green, Red                   hand grip
      Adult Adjustable Height:
      70.2 cm – 90.5 cm          Not to exceed 150 kg         Adult Adjustable Height:     Adjustable Height:
       (Handle to ground)        Solid Crutch Standard:       70 cm – 90 cm                From Handle to ground:
      Not to exceed 120 kg       Single tube                   (Handle to ground)          100 cm -120.4 cm
                                 1200mm In length             Not to exceed 120 kg
      Youth Adjustable Height:                                                             Handle Adjustment:
      50.3 cm – 70.5 cm          Cut to customers             Colour coded cuff handle     10 cm -20 cm
      (Handle to ground)         requirements                 and ferrule
      Not to exceed 80 kg        Solid Crutch Heavy Duty:                                  Available In one size only.
                                 Double tube                                               Accessorised with black
      Paediatric Adjustable Height:
                                 1200mm In length                                          plastics
      40.5 cm – 60.9 cm          Cut to customer’s
      (Handle to ground)         requirements
      Not to exceed 60 kg
                                 Black Cuff, Hinge, Soft Grip,
      Grey Cuff, Hinge, Grey Plastic  Normal Ferrule
      Handle, Grey Ferrule

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